Watch Out – Newest Social Media Scams

Social Media Scams

We all are so connected in todays world through social media. It’s everywhere and we rely on it everyday. You are probably very aware of bank and phone scams, but do you know about these new social media scams? We need to watch out and share this so our friends and family don’t get taken advantage of.

Tinder Scams

Tinder is a very popular app that lets you meet people with similar interests. It’s really fun and kind of addictive, but watch out for the scammers! People create Tinder Scam Bots that do things like invite you to an adult webcam show. Once your there they ask for credit card details to verify the user is of age. They the bot asks you to click on links and charges your card every day after the free trial period that you won’t even realize you signed up for.

Beware of anyone on Tinder that doesn’t want to meet you in person, asks you for money, looks or looks and sounds to beautiful to be true.

Instagram Lottery

We all know and love Instagram. It’s a popular app that allows us share photos with our friends. Beware of the Instagram Lottery Scam. The Instagram Lottery Scam works by users claiming to be lottery winners and they want to share their winnings with you. They then ask for your email address so they can send you instructions to get your money. In the email they ask for a small amount of money so that they can mail you your money. Don’t fall for it, it’s the Instagram Lottery Scam.

Diet Pill Scams

On Pinterest, Tumbler and Facebook there have been a bunch of posts about amazing celebrity diet pills. If your like me and you want a quick fix to those unwanted pounds you might fall for it after seeing before and after photos. Don’t fall for it, it’s just the Diet Pill Scam and you won’t be buying pills that have any effect.

Facebook Messenger Worms

Beware of Facebook Messenger Worms. These worms send you links in your Facebook Messenger that install malicious apps. These apps can steal sensitive information including your Facebook password. The spread like old email viruses and can quickly move through social media.


Social Media Scams are very common and you should always think twice about sending someone money, giving them your information, or clicking on links from people you don’t know. Social Media Scams need to be stopped!

Do you know of any other Social Media Scams? Please share any you know of!