How to Update Facebook Status via Devices Apps?

Facebook Status

Have you ever wondered to update your Facebook status via IPhone, Blackberry without any devices? Sometime you would have seen your friend’s status via blackberry, IPhone and other devices and you also want to update your status like that but you don’t have any devices then what would you do.

Today I am going to share the trick to update your Facebook status via different app on Facebook like blackberry, Samsung, Android, Xperia and more. This trick is very simple and you don’t need to do any extra efforts to update your status via any application on Facebook. Follow my simple steps and update your Facebook status via any apps.

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Steps to Update Facebook status via any Devices:

Follow below steps and update your Facebook status via any devices apps:

1)      First of all Login your Facebook Account.

2)      Go to FBStatusVia

3)      Here you can see lots of applications. To update status via any apps just click any apps which one you want.

4)      Now a Popup page will appear on front of you and select your apps again here.

5)      Now, you can see Post to Facebook option here via your devices (apps).

6)      Write the status and click on Share button.

7)      Done!! Your status updated via apps.

8)      Now you can see your status on your Facebook wall via your app.

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This trick is very nice to update your status via any costly devices like IPhone 5, Galaxy, blackberry and more. Update your Status Via any apps and impress and daze your friends.

If you are still having trouble to update your status via any apps or devices then please comment below we will solve your problem ASAP. If you have any tricks and tips so you can share here and we will give trick credit to you. For more tips and tricks you can subscribe our blog and like us Facebook for latest tricks.