Stop Guest Blogging: Matt Cutts Penalized A Guest Blogging Network


Yes the title is correct because yesterday the head of Google’s web spam team Matt Cutts has announced on twitter about they has taken action on large guest blogging network but this time Google didn’t share which blog network they targeted.

On 20th January Google’s Matt Cutts Share a blog post The decay and fall of guest blogging for SEO on their personal blog and gives some warnings about Guest blogging and this topic was very good to make stir in community but many people said guest blogging will work continue to lead ranking in search engine.

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But, as you can see, yesterday, Google penalize a large network of guest blogging which may result they lost their ranking. So, this is Google first step and I think Google will continue. So, if you are going for get blogging then don’t do that only for SEO purpose to get ranking in searches.

Actually I don’t like Guest blogging means writing for other blogs for some backlinks because I have my own blog and don’t have much time to write quality content for other blogs. So, one question is arising on your mind which blog network was hit by Google? Well, all search Communities thinks it was MyBlogGuest. When you will search their name in Google then it doesn’t come up and also a member of SEO industry, Ann Smarty confirmed they get a manual action in Google webmaster tool and was penalized by Google.



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Today Matt Cutts twit again without replying @Ann, saying this “when we take action on a spammy link network, it can include blogs hosting guest posts, sites benefiting from the links.” See below the twit of Matt Cutts.

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So, if you are going for guest blogging then think twice because you ranking may be drop from Google and if you getting benefits from guest blogging then Google may take action and can drop your website ranking from SERP. If you are already post many guest blog then you should remove some guest post. So, contact to the admin of blog where you had post your guest and request him to remove your post.

Beware Google may penalize your website if you are getting benefits by guest blogging. According to the head of Google spam, Matt Cutts twit they can take action on any spammy link network. It can include guest posting if you are getting benefits from these links.

  • This is the best way to stop guest post spam. Most of these articles spread in blogging networks are very low quality with main purpose link building or even worst – link selling.

    • rohit

      Yes You are Right …!!! 😀