How to Recover or restore Deleted Blogger Blog?


Hey guys, did you lost your blogger blog or deleted by mistake? If you want to restore your blogger blog again then you should read this trick to get back your blogger blog.

We know blogger is one of the best blogging platforms with several limits where we can create 100 blogs in one account. Since here we can create 100 blogs many people create lots of blog and sometime they fail to manage and they decide to delete their blog but sometime they delete their some important blog by mistakenly.

Blogger have an option to restore your deleted blog within 90 days of deletion. If you are going to recover your blogger blog after 90 days of delete then this trick will not work because blogger allow you to restore your deleted blog within 90 days and after 90 days of deletion your blogger blog will be permanently removed from your blogger account.

So, here I am going to show you how to recover those delete blogs in blogger. Just follow my some simple steps and recover your delete blog in blogger.

Steps to Recover Blogger Blog are: –

First of all make sure you are going to restore your deleted blog before 90 days of deletion. If you blog deletion exceeds 90 days then you can’t restore. Steps to restore deleted blogger blog are: –

1)      Login your blogger blog and I am sure you know well how to login 😛

2)      Go to your blogger homepage and here you can see the list of your blog.

3)      Here see the next button of Deleted blogs click on this button

4)      Now you can see your deleted blog here and select undeleted button of blog which one you want to restore.

Restore blogger blog

I hope this tutorial will help you to restore your blogger blog and if you have any query then please enter your valuable comment below. Have a tricky day. Connect with us on major social networking site or follow our blog for more tips and trick 🙂