Infolinks: The best Google AdSense alternative


Infolinks is an online advertisement platform which is one of the best Google AdSense alternative advertisement platforms. Infolinks is best Google AdSense alternative according to personal experience in last 7 days.

Infolinks is best Google AdSense alternative advertisement platform because this is my personal experience in last 7 days and I never tried before it. I tried Infolinks when I got a warning from Google AdSense and I removed all the ads from my website.

After removing Google AdSense I didn’t monetize Infolinks in my website because I thought Infolinks is not a good source of online earning but someone told me he is earning 2 to 3$ daily from Infolinks. So, I just tried Infolinks just for a test to see how much I can earn from Infolinks.

I just create an account in Infolinks via Facebook signup option because I am lazy to fill a form and put a JavaScript code which is generated from Infolinks. Infolinks approved my website in just one day and I got Infolinks account approval mail in my Email id which one I used in Facebook because I create account via Facebook option.

After approval of Infolinks publisher account Infolinks Tag advertisement showing on my website and I forget about Infolinks but after one week when I checked my Infolinks account and the result was unbelievable because Infolinks payment good amount not like Google AdSense but better than others.

Today I can say Infolinks is Best Google AdSense alternative program. So, go ahead and try Infolinks if you have good traffic on your website and Google didn’t approve your website or your Google AdSense account is banned.

Infolinks is good source of online earning and you can get Infolinks account easily because here you don’t need much traffic and don’t have lots of rules. Here you can create account with your Facebook account and you will get approval email in your email.

You can earn extra from Infolinks if you have good traffic. You should try Infolinks if you don’t have Google AdSense account and have good traffic in your website. Don’t use popup advertisement website because it’s increase your website bounce rate and users don’t like that type of website.

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I hope this article will help those who think it is not good source of online earning as I thought before. Just make a test on your website and implement Infolinks ads on your website and earn online.