Influencer Marketing – a Key To Success in 2016

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing – a Key to Success in 2016

With todays social media it’s no wonder why everyone is talking about Influencer Marketing. You trust what others are doing and saying about products and services much more than what the company behind the product says about it. Influencer Marketing is the key to successfully driving customers to your brand. Marketers are adapting quickly and moving a generous portion of their advertising budget to Influencer Marketing.

Influencer Marketing is really is a simple concept that is sometimes harder than it seems, but if you can master it you will increase your ROI drastically. Some companies are reporting an ROI of $6.50 for each dollar they spend! The concept works by companies building relationships with industry experts, bloggers, consultants, or anyone that has a lot of influence in the social media world.

Think about it; the advice you get from your friends, colleagues, and websites that you frequently visit you trust much more than what a company says directly about their products. That’s why Influencer Marketing is so valuable to internet marketers in 2016.

Follow these steps to be successful at Influencer Marketing

1. Find Influencers in Your Target Audience

Influencer Marketing is all about finding the most influential people in your target audience and getting them to influence their followers that your product or service is great. Your going to find similar content that gets a lot of press.

For example, if your product the newest greatest garden invention then your going to want to look up other garden gadgets that are similar and find out who’s talking about them. You can do this using tools like Google Trends, Realtime, Buzzsumo, Twitter, Facebook and popular blogs.

For instance on Facebook and Twitter use hashtags to search for similar products or services. You should also like and follow influencers that have a large group of people following them. You can also setup google alerts so that you know when new articles come out about the keywords you care about.

After finding a lot of good posts and articles find out who is the author and most importantly who is sharing them.

2. Rank the Influencers

After you have found a good list of influencers the next step in Influencer Marketing is to rank your influencers. Focus on the three R’s; Resonance, Reach, and Relevance.

Resonance is how well the person can persuade their followers to try something new. Persuasion is what Influencer Marketing is all about. The more people believe and look up to the influencer the better the influencer will be at promoting your product or service.

Reach is how many people does the influencer reach daily, monthly, and yearly. Is this influencer just going through a hot phase or do they always reach tons of users. That is very important because you don’t want your article to fall out of sign in a short amount of time. Look at all avenues the influencer uses. Do they have a website, blog, Twitter and Facebook? Is the influencer a known expert in the industry? That can really drive credibility.

3. Recruit the Most Influential People

After you have ranked your influencers you need to recruit the most influential ones. Try sending them a personalized professional email asking for a phone call to see how you can help each other. Tell them briefly about your product or service and let them know that you won’t waste their time.

If you can find any connections on LinkedIn or Facebook mention how you know each other through the connection.  Tell them clearly about your product and that you want to work together to make it mutually beneficial. Don’t write too much and keep it to the point.

Contact at least 10 or 20 influencers. Remember that many of them won’t respond right away or at all so your going to need backups. If they don’t respond the first time follow up with a second reminder email about a week later.

4. Get Your Marketing Influencer to Create Content

After you have worked out some details with your Marketing Influencers follow through with your plan. You need them to create content to persuade their followers why they should like your product or service. This will be most effective if they promote your product or service in more than one way. If they can write an article about it, share it on Facebook, Tweet about it that will be more effective than just writing the article on their blog. If they talk at conventions ask them to mention you.

Try different things like discounts, free products, or giveaways that they can promote when they talk about you. Give them a product so they can take pictures with it or create video’s using your product. This will be great for their articles.

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Following these steps to become successful at Influencer Marketing will help improve your ROI’s and help your product or service gain traction fast!