Facebook Error Sorry, something went wrong

Facebook Error

Hello friends today at 1:31 pm IST i were using Facebook suddenly i log out and showing the  error “Sorry, something went wrong.” after that it’s showing continuously and couldn’t get log in. i don’t know what was the error on Facebook, it may be because of Facebook developer or may be a bug on Facebook.

This error was happen before in 2011 the same error was  “Sorry, something went wrong.” but this error was in some Facebook account not on all Facebook users account. that time It seems to have affected random people my friends was locked out, but i have no problem. 

I don’t know when the developers of Facebook will fixed this error. This is very bad news if your account is also locked out and this is very bad if your totally Facebook addicted. so, there is no choice for me and you we have to just wait to fix this problem. I hope this error not gonna on all Facebook account.


I hope the Facebook developers will fixed this error soon as possible and i hope this error gonna randomly on some Facebook accounts  not on all Facebook users account otherwise Facebook may be loose lots of money via Facebook Ads center. If the problem have on all Facebook account then Facebook should fix this error as soon as possible.

This error is happen again in 2014 after 2011. i hope it will fix ASAP. Sorry for the RIP English

Updated :  Wow Problem Fixed with 30 minutes. now i can use Facebook 🙂 thanks to Facebook Developers