How to Create Mobile website Online?


Creating mobile friendly website is a Good idea. The demand of website mobile compatibility increasing day by day because many people are using mobile for browsing internet and it’s a good source of increasing traffic via mobile.

Most of website don’t have good mobile compatibility and looks not good on mobile that why the visitors hate to use their website. This is one of the most common reasons to loosing visitors from mobile device. If you are going to make a mobile website and don’t know how to do it then you are at the right place.

Here you don’t need any programming language just use below top mobile website generator and customize design and make your own mobile design. It will help to make a website mobile friendly, just use below tool to make mobile website.

Top Tools to create mobile website

1)      Dudamobile: Dudamobile is the best website to make mobile website easily and you can custom your design according to you and you can see template preview also. You can purchase the theme or use free.


2)      Wirenode (Free Basic Package): Wirenode one of the best Mobile site optimizer website where 31, 912+ website has been optimized. Wirenode is easy to configure domain name, Track visitors and uploading picture on Dashboard.


3)     Zinadoo (Free): Zinadoo is very nice & quick mobile optimize tool which is free. You can make mobile widgets, text and email service to promote your services online.


4)     MobiReady (Free): MobiReady is not for building mobile website. Well, MobiReady is very nice tool to analyze the website is read for mobile or not. You can check here your website mobile compatibility and potential problem. Just enter your website and press go button then get your website report.


5)     MoFuse (Starts at $7.95 per month): MoFuse one of the most popular mobile website building tool. MoFuse have good customizability. Visit MoFuse website and start making your own mobile website.


6)     Mippin (Free): Mippin is amazing online tool to make mobile website, it’s absolutely free but don’t have much customization. You can use Mippin because it’s free and easy to use. Mippin optimize more then  2500+ website, you should try this website.


7)     Winksite (Free):  Winksite is amazing website which is W3C mobile Ok and .mobi standards. Winksite have very good features like Forum, Poll and chat. Here users can make their own community mobile website.


8)     MobiSiteGalore (Starts at $7.99): MobiSiteGalore offer quick mobile building wizard where you can build your mobile website faster and easily. Here you can any Items on your website from goodies list. Goodies have many items like PayPal, click to call, add to phone book and more


You know today 30% of traffic comes from mobile devices because of increasing mobile users day by day. If your website is not compatible for mobile then you should try the above any tool to make your own mobile website. You can try the above website if your responsive website not looking good on mobile devices.

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