How to Block any website for specific Time period?


Hey Guys, I am back with new trick to block any website for a specific time period. You know some time we browse the internet and in the middle of surfing we go to another website and waste all the valuable time in it.

I have trick to block those website for a specific time period not permanently. Here we will use a software which is “Focalfilter” and block unwanted website for specific time period. Just Follow my simple step and Block any website.

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Steps to Block any website for specific time period

Follow the steps and Block unwanted website

1)      First of all you need .Net Framework 4 install it in your computer. Download it From Here Click Here

2)      Download and install “Focalfilter”. Download it from here Click Here

3)      After installations of Focalfilter just open it and you we see the screen like below screenshot.


4)      Now, select the time and click on Edit My Site List.

5)      In Edit My Site List option enter those websites which you want to block and click Save.

block site

6)      Now, just click on Block My Site List and the websites will be blocked for specific time period.

When a specific block time will over then it will ask whether you want to block or not. You can Block again and remove.

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I hope this tutorial help you to block unwanted website for specific time period. If you are having trouble then please enter your valuable comment below. I hope you are enjoying blogstoc and if you want to get more updates then just follow us and like our fan page.

Have tricky day. Will be come back with new cool tricks so, Keep in touch 🙂