About Us

My name is Rohit Mathpal and I’m a Full time blogger and web addict and love to learn new things. I am 20yr Old guy from India and love to write about technology, SEO and computer tips & tricks. In past I was a SEO Freelancer still I am providing SEO Freelancing Services.

I started blogging since 2012 on blogspot.com and during this time I learned many things about blogging and how to covert blog into money, so I decided to start a blog and share some new and tips & tricks. On 31st August 2013, my blog notedy.com was Live.

Some Interesting Random thing about me

1)      I was born in India (Delhi) in 1992.

2)      I love Blogging and share new thing but not like to write much.

3)      My Favorite color is blue.

4)      I don’t like to watch Movie on television instead of Cinema Hall.

5)      I have many online friends (virtual friends) than offline friends.

6)      I like to spend most of time online.

Why you should read my blog?

1)      It’s not just about SEO blog. You can read many tips & tricks about computer and web technology.

2)      It’s not just about blogging and How to blogging. Here you can read more technology tips & tricks latest and old.

3)      It’s not just about sharing or writing tips & tricks and news, you can get some free resources of SEO, WordPress and other things.

4)      If you have any query you can ask in the comment section of my Blog.

About Notedy.com

Notedy.com is a technology blog and was founded on 31 August 2013 by Rohit Mathpal.

The main purpose of this blog is to share new things about tips & tricks and technology. Download free SEO, WordPress and other resources here.

Why you should read Notedy?

Well, Notedy is a technology blog and if you want to learn some new tips and tricks and want to increase your technology skills then you should read Notedy. Here you can download absolutely free and premium web resources.

Here are some reasons how my blog can help you

1)      Learn SEO Free.

2)      Increase traffic on your blog and website.

3)      Learn how you can earn online.

4)      Download Free Web resources (SEO, WordPress, Software etc.).

5)      Increase your online and technological Skills.

Some Special Topics will be Cover in Notedy are:

1)      How to

2)      SEO

3)      WordPress

4)      Software

5)      Tips & Tricks

6)      Google